Learning vacations

French refresher course

Spelling difficulties are an obstacle to professional and social integration and advancement. At all stages of life,spelling, grammar and conjugation mistakes can close doors .

Indeed, these shortcomings can have a negative impact on a company’s reputation and the image you project to customers and partners.

What’s more, many employers are unwilling to hire or promote employees with poor written or spoken communication skills. In other words, to make mistakes is to run the risk of stagnating professionally.

According to an Ipsos survey carried out for Projet Voltaire in October 2021, 92% of decision-makers believe that shortcomings in spelling or expression damage their company’s reputation and image. 65% think that financial performance is affected if e-mails and communications contain too many errors in French.

With a learning vacation at Domaine des Sources, you can combine business with pleasure: whether you’re a child, a teenager or an adult, you can take advantage of the various resources available in the house and park to enjoy an unforgettable stay and brush up your written and spoken language skills.